How To Drop into Flow & Present Moment Awareness, Even In The Most Chaotic Of Times…

The Secret To The Joy, Happiness, And the Laser Focus Of The Most Powerful Warriors In History… Is No Longer A Secret…

The Secret To The Joy, Happiness, And the Laser Focus Of The Most Powerful Warriors In History… Is No Longer A Secret…

Warrior Meditations 101 is the ultimate online program for learning how to slow down your mind, tap into your reserves of inner power & respond to life’s stressors with a smile…

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'Practicing meditation helps reduce stress response and anxiety as it counters the symptoms of anxiety disorders.' (Hoge et al., p. 786-792)

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 Introducing Warrior Meditations 101

The Secrets Of The Zen Masters: How To Be In Flow & Tap Into Present Moment Awareness, Even In The Most Chaotic Of Times…

Taking Back Control From The Monkey Mind...

Find More Joy

Catch your breath, relax your mind, and feel less stressed in just 10 days. Find joy in the mundane.

Get More Goodnights

Put your mind to bed, wake up refreshed, and make good days your new normal.

Make Every Day Happier

Do it for yourself, and everyone you love. It only takes a few minutes to find some headspace.

Plus SO much more!

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Sounds too good to be true?! 


That’s what I thought too!…


During a dark night of the soul that lasted for months (16 years ago), I stumbled upon an ancient technique to not just help pull me out of the darkness, but also bring me back into a state of flow, where I was able to rebuild my dream life…
Warrior Meditations 101 will help you:
  • Tap into a deeper layer of Anti Fragility
  • Develop a unbreakable mind/body connection
  • Zoom out into a bigger, less emotionally charged perspective
  • Get grounded in Present Moment Awareness
  • Improve sleep and dream quality
  • Tune into expansive and childlike imagination and creativity
  • Decrease anxious thoughts and feelings 
  • Get back to allowing yourself to feel excited
  • Keep your cool during times when others are melting down

Most modern day humans suffer unnecessarily …

And honestly it’s not their fault… 

We have so many distractions being thrown at us on a daily basis…

As soon as the alarm rings… 

The Monkey Mind takes over… 



And for most people the monkey mind keeps going until they eventually pass out, usually with the help of some substance…

It’s as if all of The ME TIME has been squeezed out of our lives…  

And the pressure has been cranked up to level 1,000… 

Most of us were born into a SUPER high stress environment and live our lives as if a Saber Tooth tiger is chasing us…  

I have personally seen over 4,000+ people in the last few years and almost all of them fell on the spectrum of feeling this pressure…  

And most of them have tried everything to find some relief… 

From therapy, diets, Rx, supplements, meditation, yoga, etc. 

The problem? 

To get any results with those things you need to develop consistency…

To develop consistency you have to develop some level of self mastery… 

To develop self mastery you have to heal your nervous system and start to make decisions from a relaxed and focused state

And if that transformation is something you can get down with...

Access Warrior Meditations 101 TODAY For Just $197

“The Journey Of A Thousand Miles, Begins With 1 Step”

Warrior Meditations 101: Program Curriculum

Module 1: Intro 

📹 Ancient ‘Time Tested’ Solutions For Modern Problems

📹 My Journey Through The Dark Night Of The Soul

📹 A Secret Method Passed Down From Teacher To Student For Over 5,000 Years

Module 2: Meditation Theory

📹 Tapping Into The Power Postures (Meditation with eyes wide open)

📹 Taming The Monkey Mind (Eliminating negative self talk at its root)

📹 A Masterclass In The Ancient Chakra Systems (Energy Systems That Connect The Mind-Body-Spirit)

📹 Becoming Zen In Chaos (How the ancient Warriors kept their cool in the heat of battle)

📹 And More

Module 3: Meditation Practice

📹 The Supreme 4 Of Meditation (Flow on demand)

📹 Hidden Power Of Sound (Turbo charging your frequency)

📹 The Secret Meditations Of The Russian Special Forces (How to stay warm, alert and present in the blistering cold)

📹 Creating Inner peace through numbers (An Ancient Method Of Self Mind Control)

📹 And More  

Module 4: Audio Visualizations

🔉 Healing The 2nd Chakra (Feeling Unworthy? Or Undeserving? Sexual issues?)

🔉 Raise Your Energy & Confidence To Conquer Your Day (Warrior Morning Meditation)

🔉 Drift off into a deep and relaxing slumber (Night time meditation)

Module 5: Bonuses

📹 Deep-dive breath-work session (live recording)

📁 Reprogram Your Mind For Unshakeable Optimism w The Warrior Manifesto

📹 Sexual Mastery 101 (Top Secret) 

📹 Taming The Beast (Premature Ejaculation)

📹 Uncovering The Secrets Of Pleasure (9 Stages of Female Orgasm)

📹 Bulletproof Body

📹 Healing The Snake (You are as young as your spine is flexible)

📹 Mending the Roots (Ankle Resilience)

📹 The Relaxation Secrets Of the Russian Masters 

📹 Healing Your Nervous System Bottom Up

📹 and more


NORMALLY  $ 497  


Access TODAY For Just $197

Everything You'll Get In The Warrior Meditations 101 Program:

Ancient Meditation Secrets and Theory 

This course includes an entire section dedicated to building your meditation practice.

13+ Practice Videos

So you can tap into states of ZEN from the comfort of your own home anytime.

$400 Worth Of Bonuses

That's right, you'll get $400 in bonuses and access to never-before seen content inside this program!

Meet Your Instructor

Hi - I'm Rome Za and just like you… I have struggled with taming my monkey mind… 

For a huge part of my life, my mind was my biggest enemy…  

I would lose my temper & beat myself up about it, feeling deep shame and guilt for my words/actions and thoughts…

This would happen over and over again…  

That led to severe anxiety and depression during a very DARK night of the soul…  

After realizing that it was hurting not just my life but those that I loved, I took off on a journey to get rid of these issues once and for all.

I knew I could figure this out..
I didn’t want to take any harmful meds…  

15 years of searching for answers outside of the conventional medical system, traveling the world looking for teachers, countless hours of practice, and over a million dollars spent on education...

I finally befriended and tamed the monkey in my mind, while eliminating temper flare ups, anxiety and depression. I achieved inner peace in a grounded and step by step pragmatic way!

& I've taught this to over 4,000 people.

Today I'm sharing all my meditation secrets in this program so you can do the same in a fraction of the time!

Access Warrior Meditations 101 TODAY

Who This Course Is For

✅ You want a proven step-by-step process for understanding your inner workings, slowing down your thoughts, and get back in control of your emotions.

✅ You are ready to stop using screen time and doom scrolling as a placeholder for creating the life you deserve. 

✅ You are willing to put in some work! This program works when you do. If you plan to invest in this program and get to it whenever you get to it, self help books, and netflix are better places to procrastinate.

✅ You are ready to get out of your COMFORT ZONE. If you value creating a peaceful and happy life by implementing chronological step-by-step action items then this is the ultimate course for you.

✅  You have an incredible long term vision for your wellness and relationships.

Who This Course Is NOT For

🚫 You are looking for a RX solution, where you put in little to no work, and have miraculous results that last forever and ever.  That is a pipe dream my friend, this course is not for you if that’s what you're after.

🚫 You are content with doom scrolling and reading random pop psychology posts while making absolutely no progress in your healing. 

🚫 You aren't willing to take step by step instructions and prefer to HOPEFULLY figure things out on your own with trial and error. 

🚫 You prefer to spend countless hours and thousands of dollars going to therapists, retreats, and reading self help books.

Access Warrior Meditations 101 TODAY For Just $197

Isn’t it time that you created inner peace, clarity and joy in your life? If not today, then when?

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NORMALLY  $ 497  


Access TODAY For Just $197

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