Join me and other like-minded humans for a Warrior Wellness Retreat.

What's stopping you?


What's stopping you?



Next Awaken The Warrior Within Retreat:

TBA 2023│Northern Utah


Awaken The Warrior Within  

Is for 6 carefully selected humans who…

  • Want to become a multi-dimensional human…  Vibrant, Powerful Body… Clear, Focused Mind… A Heart That’s Open & Loving… And A Spirit That Is Expansive… 
  • Have a desire to cultivate an unshakeable presence, built on true self worth and self love… 
  • Are ready to take back their freedom & power from the matrix.
  • Want to move beyond and transcend the BS we have been fed by big pharma, fake nutrition, and a broken education system.
  • Want to blossom their relationships by learning how to peacefully, gently and assertively communicate their needs and boundaries. 
  • Are ready to build healthy, lifelong relationships that are mutually beneficial and are free of dogmas and judgements. 
  • Are ready to create a life of wellness and sustainability for themselves and their families. 

A Magical Journey To Unlock Your Vital Life Force.


A deep connection with your true essence from the mirror of a supportive tribe. Slice through the bullshit we have been fed about “modern day friendships” and tap into the true medicine of finally finding your people and feeling at home. Through ancient practices and cooperative primal games you will be able to tune into SELF TRUST and TRUST FOR OTHER.


Relax into your Deep Self by tuning out the NOISE from the outside world and truly healing your nervous system. Once the nervous system is back to its primordial state, reestablish your true INTUITION & CONNECTION. Tap into your universe given ability to respond to and CHOOSE your next step (instead of living in OVER/UNDER REACTION).


Learn, Experience & Taste what it’s like to live a life of FREEDOM, ALIGNMENT AND PRESENT MOMENT AWARENESS. Fully immerse yourself in this moment. Tune into what you are feeling whether in the discomfort confrontation or in the sweetness of ecstatic joy, and let it go, to be able to experience the next moment. 

What is Awaken The Warrior Within? 


Humans today have lost their connection with themselves, their environment & even their purpose

We have been trained to conform, comply, and accept all the BS we have been fed. 

Whether we were born into the Matrix, or we were indoctrinated into it, the TRUTH remains that most humans are completely disconnected from the REASON why they came to this earth. 

It started from the trauma of birth, the constant consumption and injection of toxins, the brainwashing of the education system, the trauma of growing up in a chaotic inner city(or religious restrictive environment) , and that’s just to name a few. 

Some of us have A LOT of trauma, some of us have repressed the events of our past to protect our conscious mind, but NO ONE gets out without any wounds. 

The benefits for conforming to this system is comfort, acceptance of the miserable masses, and a slow & painful death…  

The price to be paid for conforming is your soul, spine & your identity as a human..

We create facades and false identities to hide the pain we walk around with everyday. 

We use digital addiction and many other forms of stimulation to run away, and yet it brings us even further away from our true primal essence, even more siloed from what it means to be a human. 

What would it be like to truly & fully accept where you have been, what you have done & who you are? 

What would it be like to finally slow down and relax… 

What would it feel like to finally be accepted & supported for all your crazy thoughts, fears and beliefs… 

What would it feel like to finally find a place you belong, a place you can call home inside of yourself. 

Imagine having the tools to live a peaceful & powerful life

A life of purpose

A life of integrity

To become the human that your children look up to, as the HERO in their story. 

With the strength to set kind and loving boundaries.  

With the courage to say NO and cut away anyone and anything that doesn’t belong. 

With the grace to be gentle with yourself as you learn new skills on your journey. 


This is Awaken The Warrior Within


Listen to what the most recent retreat participants have to say!


What's Included

- All food and lodging included

- Breath-work and meditations to heal the nervous system and tap into deeper states of consciousness

- Movement systems for healing and longevity. (Becoming an upgraded human) 

- Physical Games to deepen awareness and evolve together through play  (Upgraded playtime) 

- Somatic healing practices to let go of old sh*t 

- Emotional intelligence(EQ) trainings to level up your relationships and create harmony in communication 

- Deep breath-work journeys to heal old wounds and open up new visions for life 

- Meditations in nature so that you can come back to a space of being grounded 

- Detox education to help you come back to homeostasis (say goodbye to mental fog and a weak immunity)

- Holistic nutrition education and cooking time together 

- Deep intimate sharings and Tribal connection time 

- Meet fellow humans from around the world walking a similar path

- World class ceremonial chef Chloe Wickstrom will cook every meal and teach ‘Eating With A Healing Purpose’

- Digital detox

- And much more...

The Results are Inarguable


About Rome Za

In 2012 everything seemed to be going as planned…  
I was feeling fit and strong, training 2x a day & competing every weekend in Brazilian jiu jitsu, about to head out to Medical school… 
And then in the blink of an eye, everything changed…  

I started to suffer from crippling pain in my neck… I developed insomnia… started to suffer from crippling panic attacks…  

And a dozen different specialists & doctors told me that I would never train again, as well as need surgery & medication. At first I felt defeated… 

But by the 12th one, I started to see it as a challenge… 
That was my call to action on my Hero’s journey…
From there I immersed myself in any method I could find in healing myself… 

Breathwork, Meditation, Ancient practices, Movement, Alternative therapies, I lived on the Amazon Jungle with Shamans, I climbed mountains with gurus, I sought out ANYONE I could find that might know something about healing myself.
I invested countless amounts of effort, energy, time, and almost $1 million dollars in my healing and education.  

Fast forward to 11 years later…   

I am about to get my first degree on my black belt in BJJ. 

ALL of my injuries have healed naturally.

I take 0 medications. 

I have incredible relationships with both the ancestors that came before me and my children that came after. 

I have built and sold multiple businesses.  

And I have taught these methods successfully to over 4,000 people.

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*Rome's retreats always fill up within a couple weeks after public launch. If you feel the call, don't hesitate. 


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