Life's Twists And Turns with Mistie Layne

Season #1 Episode #26

Mistie Layne is on a mission to make TRANSPARENCY a game-changer in the world.

After going from medical school to prison for killing somebody in a car accident behind a horrific crack

cocaine addiction, she used writing to pull herself up and save her own life. Her best-selling book, What

Goes Up, was written from behind bars while she faced a forty-year prison sentence.

After serving 2.5 years in prison, she returned to society and rebuilt her relationships, life and career. Nine years later, on

the exact same day her wreck killed somebody, her first grandchild was born with severe brain damage

from a birth injury.

Immediately, she blamed herself and thought it was her punishment for her past.

She became distant and the GUILT of it all put her back into her past where she felt toxic all over again.

Mistie realized she was letting her past rob her of her future and was tired of hiding behind SHAME and


She decided it was time to become TRANSPARENT about her experiences in hopes of teaching

others about overcoming their worst to live their best and also about self-forgiveness. With newfound

clarity of her WHY, she rewrote her book, changing it from a dark tone of anger and blame to one of

accountability and forgiveness.

Mistie is now an award-winning speaker, best-selling author, successful

host of Dare 2 Share with Mistie Layne talk show, and host of her Write 2 Ignite Womens

Empowerment Retreats, where she teaches how to use writing as therapy. She founded the

#BethatONE movement which encourages others to step up and share their life experiences with

transparency to educate others so we can JUDGE less and MENTOR more.

She has a full time Nuclear Medicine career, was recently named 3rd in the Next Global Impactor

competition and serves as Vice President on the Chemobuddies 4 Life non-profit board.

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