The Man, The Myth, The Legend: UFC Hall Of Famer, First European UFC Champion, Actor, Coach... Bas Rutten

Season #1 Episode #33

Bas Rutten

Born: February 24th 1965


-Born in the Netherlands with severe asthma and severe eczema (skin disease) when growing up

-Was bullied on a daily basis so he learned how to fight, has a

2nd Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do

2nd Degree Karate

-5th Kyokushin Karate

-Started Mixed Martial Arts in Japan in 1993, became the 3-time undefeated World Champion.

-Immigrated in 1997 to Los Angeles 

-Started competing for the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1998 and became the first European UFC Champion, wrapping up his career with a 22-fight unbeaten streak

-Inducted into the UFC Hall Of Fame in 2015

-Had a live TV show about MMA on TV for 9 years (431 shows) called “Inside MMA” on AXS TV

-Had TV show called Punk Payback on FSN, ran only one season

-Co-star in the movie Here comes the boom with Kevin James

-Did lots of TV and movie work as an actor 

-Worked on many video games, the biggest one being Grand Theft Auto 4, in where he has his own TV show (in the game) plus he did all the motion caption

-Trains the Military, from the Marines to the Elite Special Forces, Seals, Law Enforcement, SWAT, Homeland Security, etc

-Was the Fitness guru for Cartoon Network and also ran an anti-bullying campaign for them since “bullying” was something he experienced himself

-Owns an MMA, boxing, kick boxing and weights gym in Westlake Village CA

-Is a sports commentator for MMA, Boxing and Full contact Karate

-Author of the biggest MMA instructional books in the world

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