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Tired of Losing Your Temper with Your Kids? Create a Happier & Healthier Family Life in Just 7 MIN a Day


The Peaceful Parents Playbook is the ultimate online program for learning how to create harmonious relationships with your child by healing your nervous system. Lifetime access is just  $497 $197. Offer expires soon.

Access The Peaceful Parents Playbook TODAY For Just $197

Living in a constant state of overwhelm & overreaction with your kids due to a dysfunctional sympathetic nervous system can leave you feeling like a failure & disconnected from your family. But there is hope with our Peaceful Parents Playbook.

“I am a father to a 4 year old girl and I want to be in shape to keep up with her on the jungle gym. This practice opened up new doors for me and calmed my mind.”  - Tyler M. 
Single Dad, CAD Designer
“I used to have a panic attack every day! Now I have no panic attacks, and I have the tools to fight off anxiety. This practice improved my relationships with my partner and kids.” -Jinny L.
 Mom of 3, Massage Therapist
“After the practice I have lower anxiety, my back feels better, I have more energy, and I have an improved overall sense of well being physically and mentally.”    -Rebecca
Mom of 4, Private Events Manager

Let's Face The Truth...
Peaceful Parenting In The Modern World Seems Overwhelming & Almost Impossible…

Expensive as HECK

Most parenting programs & therapy costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month... temporary solutions


Rx for anxiety & depression have massive amounts of scary side effects & can numb you to feeling anything at all

No Real Experience

No practice exercises, no easy proven method, no parenting handbook... you're stuck figuring it out on your own

Introducing The Peaceful Parents Playbook

The ONLY online parenting program that gives you lifetime access to simple tools, daily exercises, healing modalities, life principles and more...

40+ Video Trainings

Covering everything you need to know to heal your nervous system. & time tested strategies to resolve your child’s meltdowns.

The ONLY Holistic Course

The ONLY holistic parenting course that provides a complete step-by-step system. Everything you need to become a peaceful parent.

Daily Practice Exercises

Multiple short daily practice exercises that will turn theory into real peaceful parenting skills… In a matter of MINUTES... not DAYS.

Plus SO much more!

scroll down to see everything you get lifetime access to

Learn How To:


So that you can take back control of your responses to the ups & downs of life


Build respectful & harmonious relationships with your child


Build respectful & harmonious relationships with your child


Essential tools to building a harmonious, healthy & peaceful home

The Peaceful Parents Playbook: Program Curriculum

Module 1 & 2: Laying The Foundation For Your Peaceful Parenting Adventure 

📹 All about how to become successful with this course using the 80/20 method

📹 Why parenting is like an olympic sport (& the tools you’ll need for a gold medal)

📹 Monkey-See Monkey-Do method 

📹 The four peaceful parenting principles

Module 3: Understanding Your Nervous System

📹 The unpleasant gifts left behind by our Pleistocene ancestors

📹 Why top down healing is failing us (& why bottom up is the way to go)

📹 How to use Pareto’s Principle of 80/20 to overcome life challenges

📹 15 second self analysis for your nervous system

Module 4: Healing Your Nervous System

📹 Simple Step-by-step guide to retrain your nervous system

📹 Guided in-depth breathing techniques

📹 7 minute routine to get you back into balance

📹 Intermediate & advanced follow along videos

Module 5: The Essential Tools To Build a Healthy & Harmonious Home

📹 Where do our external stressors come from?

📹 How to set up environment to reduce meltdowns

📹 The screen hack to reduce dopamine & cortisol

📹 The silent & invisible killer in your home

📹 Foods that are disrupting your child’s brain

Module 6: The Holy Grail Of Communication 

[Level ⇧ EQ]

📹 Shifting the paradigm on the cultures of confrontation & avoidance

📹 How your physical posture is harming your relationship with your child

📹 The two specific words that are destroying your child’s self confidence

📹 How to set & maintain loving boundaries that nourishes your child

📹 Cutting edge technology to reduce meltdowns by 50%

Module 7: Putting The Pieces Back Together

📹 Learn to say goodbye to the heavy burden of shame & guilt

📹 Reset your state & get back in the game of life

📹 5 minute rock breaker method


NORMALLY  $ 497  


Access TODAY For Just $197

What Our 4,000+ Students Have to Say


What's Included In The Peaceful Parents Playbook:

Emotional Intelligence Shifts

  This course includes an entire section dedicated to communication & raising your EQ

Follow Along Videos

So you can heal your nervous system from the comfort of your own home

$500 Worth Of Bonuses

That's right, you'll get $500 in bonuses and access to never-before seen content inside this program!

Meet Your Instructor

Hi - I'm Rome Za and just like you... I have struggled with losing my temper, anxiety and depression for many years. After realizing that it was hurting not just my life but those that I loved, I took off on a journey to get rid of these issues once and for all. 

15 years of searching for answers outside of the conventional medical system, traveling the world looking for teachers, countless hours of practice, and over a million dollars spent on education...

I finally eliminated temper flare ups, anxiety, and depression and achieved inner peace in a grounded and step by step pragmatic way!

& I've taught this to over 4000 people.

Today I'm sharing all my secrets in this program so you can do the same in a fraction of the time!

Access The Peaceful Parents Playbook TODAY

Who This Course Is For

✅ You want a proven step-by-step process for understanding your inner workings, healing your nervous system, and creating a harmonious relationship with your child.

✅ You are ready to stop using screen time as a placeholder for high quality interactions and parenting.

✅ You are willing to put in some work! This program works when you do. If you plan to invest in this program and get to it whenever you get to it, self help books, and therapists offices are better places to procrastinate.

✅ You are ready to get out of your COMFORT ZONE. If you value creating peaceful relationships with your kids by implementing chronological step-by-step action items then this is the ultimate course for you.

✅  You have an incredible long term vision for your wellness and relationship with your child.

Who This Course Is NOT For

🚫 You are looking for a get-healed-quick scheme where you put in little to no work, and have miraculous results that last forever and ever.  That is a pipe dream my friend, this course is not for you if that’s what you're after.

🚫 You are content with letting a screen raise your children when you want some alone time, knowing that this has MAJOR detrimental consequences.

🚫 You aren't willing to take step by step instructions and prefer to HOPEFULLY figure things out on your own with trial and error. 

🚫 You prefer to spend countless hours and thousands of dollars in therapists offices hoping that something will shift.

Access The Peaceful Parents Playbook TODAY For Just $197

The longer you wait, the harder it is going to get. If you think dealing with your toddler is hard, wait until they get bigger and older...

Imagine the complexities of dealing with teenagers...

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the program & when does it start?

How does lifetime access sound?

After enrolling, you have instant & unlimited access to this program for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Inside the program there are 7 modules of skill development, follow along exercises & more.

Can't I learn all of this online for free?

The internet is a fantastic resource with more free information than any individual is capable of watching/reading/learning on the nervous system, holistic healing, parenting, and anything else that peaks your curiosity. 

But a side effect of only learning free information online is that you’ll waste dozens if not hundreds of hours learning the same thing, searching only to find partial answers and not having precise action steps designed to help you truly learn the skills, have the paradigm shifts you are after OR exactly what actions to take & in what order is the most effective. 

If you want to create inner peace inside of yourself and build a harmonious relationship FAST, then The Peaceful Parents Playbook is for you. 

Plus, what is your time worth? 

What is a night free of feeling immense guilt and shame for losing your temper worth to you? 

This program will save you years of heartache, meltdowns & frustrated time searching for answers, taking actions out of sequence making you have to start over and most likely, feeling more discouraged than you would with a proven guide. 

For some - that's $497 well spent! 

If your time isn’t worth that yet… 

Stick to free parenting facebook groups, and blogs from “experts” on the internet.

How do I know that I am ready for this program?

The Peaceful Parents Playbook is designed to take you from knowing nothing about healing your nervous system and how that affects communication with your children, your emotional wellbeing, your child's meltdowns and how you handle them → to being able to take back control of your emotional state, communicate effectively in a way that’s nourishing for you and your child, & setting up a household environment that's conducive to the wellbeing of your whole family

Not just that, it will also teach you cutting edge techniques on shifting your mental and emotional states even in massive distress, the best foods to nourish you and your child's brain and emotions, how to rebuild trust & respect with your child. 

New parents and experienced parents could all pick up some incredible tools in this program. 

If I invest in this course what other expenses can I expect?

With The Peaceful Parents Playbook there are no other expenses to get started and start seeing massive results

You don’t NEED any extra equipment or tools to do this program. You can do this program anywhere, at any time… You can do this at home, in the office, at the bus stop, basically anywhere you have access to OXYGEN.

I am a busy parent and have a business that I run... how much time do I need to invest daily to get results?

As a quick start to get visible results… You will need to do a 7 minute breathing exercise everyday to start healing your nervous system. 

To squeeze all the juice out of this program, I provide you with actionable steps you can take in different arenas like harmonious communication, holistic healing & setting up your peaceful sanctuary.

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely. We have a 30 day money back guarantee! If you aren't satisfied for any reason at all you can ask for your money back in full within 30 days of the purchase, no questions asked!

Access The Peaceful Parents Playbook TODAY For Just $197

The longer you wait, the harder it is going to get. If you think dealing with your toddler is hard, wait until they get bigger and older...

Imagine the complexities of dealing with teenagers...

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