A Message From the Founder, Rome Za:

I didn’t get an easy start in life. I was born with a nervous system disorder caused by the illegal chemical dumping of an oil refinery close to my home. At two days old, I had my first cycle of antibiotics in response to a staph infection. 

I was born in Chechnya, but had to flee after war broke out, followed by a genocide. I was lucky to land in New York City with my family. We were alive, but had no friends, no money and didn’t speak any English.

Between the ages of 4-18, I took 100’s of doses of antibiotics, antifungals, and other prescription drugs to deal with a long list of conditions… 

Asthma, digestive issues, strep throat & other bacterial infections, migraines, fungal infections and many different skin issues. 

To say I was a sick child was an understatement. 

Getting a Behind the Scenes Look at Mainstream “Medicine”

When I turned nine, my father introduced me to physical training. He was a wrestler and a physical educator who opened up a whole new world for me.

The discipline and passion I developed in the gym kept mealive and motivated me to figure out my health problems.  

At the age of 18, I entered university to study pre-med. That’s also when I started wrestling and training in Brazilian jiu jitsu. 

I started training as much as I could while maintaining a 3.7 GPA in university. Before I too my MCATS, I made a change and decided to go to nursing school. 

During my last year in nursing school, I went to work in one of the busiest hospitals in the United States, in a very impoverished area in Brooklyn.

What I experienced there completely changed my life:

At the time, I was studying nutrition so I could heal my health issues. With that knowledge, I was shocked to see what was going on behind closed doors when they put me to work on the cancer floor…

Every patient was being fed conventional white bread, Jello, soft drinks, and low-quality deli meat, followed by insulin shots for their diabetic conditions.

When I asked the doctors, nursing coordinators and the registered dietitians questions about the nutrition and how it was affecting the patients’ cancer, diabetes, and other chronic conditions, they just stared at me. Then they laughed at my questions.

Eventually, one of my coordinators told me I wasn’t allowed to question hospital protocols anymore if I wanted to continue my nursing career.

That’s when I decided to quit. I went home that day and proceeded to “burn the ships.” Much to the dismay of everyone in my life, I dropped out of university with just 2 classes left before graduation.

Turning the Corner Towards Real Health

After quitting school, I founded a martial arts academy and started teaching full time. As I got busier, more health issues started appearing.

I was diagnosed with multiple disc herniations and torn ligaments in my shoulders. Many medical specialists told me I would never train or compete again and that I would need surgery to have a shot at a “normal life.”

After refusing to believe their diagnosis, I found my firstmentor in holistic health, Dr. Ian Stern. Under his guidance, I started learning holistic nutrition, supplementation, and natural healing. 

1 year later, I competed and won 2nd place in the Pan American IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship. A few years after that, I earned my Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from one of the original masters of movement and martial arts, Steve Maxwell. 

The Road to 7 Generations of Wellness

Since then, I’ve continued my education, training and coaching career, helping thousands of people to lose weight, reverse chronic conditions, and become the best versions of themselves. 


Why do I do this work?

To help ensure that the wisdom and knowledge required for true health is passed on to the coming generations.

On my never-ending journey to bring more health to more people, I’ve studied with some of the top experts in many areas of health including….

  • Richard Bandler, NLP and Hypnosis
  • The “Ice Man” Wim Hof.
  • Ido Portal and others for movement
  • Qi Gong Grandmasters
  • Yoga Gurus
  • Breathwork teachers
  • Naturopaths and detox experts
  • And many more. 


I am obsessed with empowering and guiding people to health, even from the most complicated of issues. My primary areas of focus include:  

  •  Nervous System Dysfunction (ie. anxiety, sleep, and addiction)
  •  Digestive issues (ie. IBS, SIBO )
  •  Detoxification (ie. Heavy metals, environment toxins, iatrogenic chemicals)
  •  And alleviating pain in the body using Movement Therapy. 

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