Your Most Important 5.9 Inches

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6M™ System coming your way…. Part 2. 

When I first training Brazilian jiu jitsu, I wanted to compete RIGHT AWAY so my first month with a trainer, I went to a tournament and destroyed the competition.

For the most part this trend continued (with a handful of losses) until I got bored of COMPETING and started living more of a COOPERATIVE lifestyle (I’ll share that shift in a different post) teaching at my own academy.

Rome Za Brazilian jiu jitsu

Now why did I keep winning and how can you learn to succeed through my experience? 

Was I the most prepared? Naa
Was I the most athletic? Nope
Did I have the best technique? Not even close

The reason I won all those tournaments was because of my MOST IMPORTANT 5.9 Inches… and that was my brain.. Well not really my brain, but my mind…

I believed that my ONLY choice was to win and I couldn’t even IMAGINE(remember this word) that It was possible for me to lose. Even after I lost my first match at my 10th tournament, I cried a bit about it, went back watched the videos, made corrections in my game and then blocked the loss out of my memory.
I approached EVERY single tournament with a KILL or BE KILLED mentality and that allowed me to be a MEAN, UNFORGIVING, ASSHOLE during the matches. (see photo below)Brazilian jiu jitsu Mindset

I didn’t really know much about mindset but I have been in countless street fights and a BJJ tournament was child’s play compared to growing up in Brooklyn in the 90’s and 00’s… Growing up fighting guys 100 lbs heavier than me was the norm so rasslin’ someone in my weight division with similar experience in a tournament was (in my mind) unfair for the other guy.

Now I’m not telling you this to show you how much of a tough guy I am, because Im not… Im more into world peace now and training for fun than I am about competition. Im telling you this story because you can use my MINDSET going into tournaments as a TOOL for you to alter your own mindset.

IMAGINE you cannot FAIL in everything that you DO.

  • Whether your going for a job interview
  • Negotiating a deal
  • Preparing for a sporting event
  • or anything else that requires preparation

Visualizing For Success

1. What is the outcome that you want to achieve in this situation?  Write it out in detail.
How do you want to win? The more detailed you write it out the easier it will be to tap into your imagination.

2. Sit down and IMAGINE the perfect scenario playing out during that situation where you wind up on TOP and achieving your goals.

3. Imagine obstacles and how you will overcome them during your visualization. Imagine AS MANY obstacles as possible.

4. Imagine the feeling of winning/closing the deal/getting the job/etc. Hold that feeling for 1-2 minutes.

Time required: 5-15 minutes

At first your visualization might be…

  • Hazy
  • Fade in and out
  • It might not even show up in your mind

You will SUCK at this at first…

BUT if you show up EVERY SINGLE day, it will start to work for you. Be persistent, to focused, and you will succeed.

WAGE WAR on your MIND and The Results will eventually follow!

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