The FIRST M Is For…

Dangers of the american diet

I messed up pretty F’N bad growing up and had to pay dearly for it in my later years…

I was sick as a dog ALL the time… I would get strep throat 2-3x a year EVERY single year on schedule.

Im not sure if it was from all the anti-biotics/anti-histimines/or other shit that I used to take from the doctors or if it was from my HEALTHY American Diet consisting of…

Soda(Jamaican cola was a favorite), Capri-sun, Tropicana orange juice
Snapple, Slurpees, Slushies, energy drinks, and of course all types of alcohol..

Or maybe it was from ….

Pizza, Burgers, Riceballs, Chinese food
Late night Mcdonalds, Hot cheese popcorn
Cheeze doodles, Hot dogs, cold cuts, Microwaveable foods, etc… 

Sounds Familiar to your diet?  If not, then you were one of the lucky ones!

Thinking about it a few days ago, I realized I only drank water when I had no money to buy anything else and it was always at the park. NYC is known for its clean water and it had a really fresh taste of Sanitation and Rust. MMmm the good ol’ day… 

Luckily as I got older I started dabbling with nutrition, first as a major in college(which was a dead end)
and then becoming a Holistic Nutritionist which provided me with such a well
rounded base that research and testing foods/supplements/etc became a regular way of life in
our household.

This forward movement created the FIRST M in the 6M System which is Medicine. 

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

After starting on this path I noticed some very interesting shifts in my life and the lives of others I coached along this path…

  • Faster recovery from training
  • Stronger immunity
  • Powerful morning wood came back!
  • No migraines (Which was a struggle for almost 20 years)
  • Less injuries
  • Mental clarity and improved thought patterns
  • Elite endurance
  • Tastebuds felt new flavors
  • All that energy that I used to worry about getting sick
    or healing now is being used for productivity and getting shit done. 
  • and so much more that goes beyond verbal description. 


One exercise that will help you on your path with achieving EXQUISITE WELLBEING
is asking yourself 3 questions before eating or buying… 

(Before ordering, buying or eating food)

1. Will this food make me feel good later? 

2. Do these ingredients sound like something that I would want inside of me?
a. Can I pronounce the ingredients on this label? (HUGE LITMUS TEST) If you cant, PUT IT DOWN.

3. How Do I want to feel after eating? (and then choose the foods that you think will
help you feel that way)

SIMPLE.  You just have to make it a habit to ask yourself these 3 questions before

any interaction with food.

(Share this article with a friend for an accountability buddy on this SIMPLE Challenge!)

Some people might think that this is ECCENTRIC or EXTREME.  IT IS.

Its weird not to be weird.

-John Lennon

I take pride in being both eccentric and extreme and those 2 criteria are what got me to INCREDIBILITY VITALITY and Rapid Healing in my life.

Fuck what they think.

Ever heard of the crabs in the barrel? If not, look it up… 

Pura Vida

Rome “Escaped From The Barrel” Za

P.S. Comment BELOW and Let me know how you felt and if you did anything different with your food after asking yourself these questions! 

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