Time to Grow Together?

So you are thinking of diving deep and figuring out why you lack inner peace in your life…

Do you always think about improving your life but consistently get stuck in your own mental battlefield of insecurities, doubts, and broken belief systems from the past?

Every time you feel like you start making progress, you proceed to open up to your spouse and you immediately get shut down or completely and utterly destroyed by their own fears and doubts?

You revert back to your sh*tty belief systems…

and settle back into your safe zone, not daring to venture out and grow again for a few more months or years until you muster up the courage or desperation to get out of this place of anxiety, and not enough-ness once again.

This becomes a life long cycle that annihilates your Energy, Passion, Courage, Excitement, Confidence, and Creativity. You start to doubt yourself at every step and look for SAVING in every book, course, seminar, workshop, and coaching program only to be stuck in the same place but now with less money in your pocket.

I get it… I been there, matter of fact not only have I been there, I LIVED there for a very long time. It was a miserable place to reside not just for me and but for my family as well.  We would consistently be in a state of passive aggressiveness and any little misunderstanding had the potential to BLOW UP into a HUGE screaming match followed by resentful comments, cold shoulders, and sleepless nights.

Then one day we made a decision that ENOUGH was ENOUGH…

We deserved more than this… I mean by societies standards it was normal to argue all the time, and treat each other like shit, as long as it wasn’t in public and we kept smiled in our Facebook pictures together. I mean thats all you really need in order for everyone to think you are ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY… Professional grade pictures on Facebook with lots of smiles, nice clothes, and hundreds of likes and comments.

But we knew that we could be more for ourselves, our children, and each other.  So we rolled up our metaphorical sleeves and got to working on ourselves, our relationship and most importantly our BROKEN belief systems.

It took a few years of conscious effort and it DEFINITELY wasn’t easy because we were making up the blueprint as we went along. We took many courses, read countless books and attended a bunch of events but the real magic happened when we started to consciously implement all of our new tools in our home environment.

We were enjoying the journey so much that we didn’t even notice that we became…

  • Happier in the face of adversity
  • Nicer to our children
  • Kinder to each other
  • Oblivious to outside opinion
  • Encouraging to each other and our tribe
  • More carefree during our days
  • Blissful while performing our mission in life
  • More abundant financially

Creating Systems and Processes

The last few months we have been retracing our steps and reading through all of our journal entries for the last few years. What we found was MIND BLOWING in that there were very specific obstacles and situations that we could link all of our positive changes to.
After we realized that we started talking to lots of different couples and we noticed the same patterns of struggle just in a different context or situation.

We are firm believers in giving back and one of our missions in life is to build a tribe of conscious people. So we decided to merge these 2 missions and thats how Awaken The Warrior Within (Lovers Edition) was born. Living The Dream Tribe

Lovers Edition 1.0

We are hosting an event on June 1st- June 6th, 2016 in Costa Rica for 9 couples that are looking to LEVEL UP their relationship and Awaken The Warrior Within.

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